About me

Hello, my name is Lisa Tarallo and I am a plurilingual Antepartum and Postpartum Doula.

I am 28 years old, born in Amsterdam to my Dutch mother and Italian father, and raised on the beautiful island of Ibiza, which I still up to this day call my home. I am fluent in 5 languages, which are Dutch, Italian, Spanish, English and Catalan.

My path as a Doula stared at the beginning of 2021, after a lonely pregnancy due to the pandemic, a traumatic birth experience and a life-changing postpartum. Having my daughter completely changed my life vision, I knew from then on that I wanted to dedicate my career to help women and families into their new parenthood.

I have completed my official Doula certification, plus with my personal experience as a mother, I feel excited and completely prepared to provide physical and emotional support, and guide you and your family through your pregnancy and postpartum.

It is my pleasure to accompany you as your doula. Big hug, Lisa

My certification:

Ever since my pregnancy, even before, I have been fascinated with the rol of a mother, the one of a Doula, childbirth, breastfeeding, and I could say basically everything that has to with motherhood. I fell in love with the description of the Doula course, and enjoyed it tremendously. I took a short break, and after only a couple of weeks inscribed myself in the course to become a lactation consultant and Hypno Birthing teacher. Now I’m pondering to add blw consultant course, as I am getting countless petitions of stressed out parents who need some guidance during the start of the introduction of solids.

It is the first time in my life I enjoy studying, even as a full time mom. I always find a time of the day to expand my knowledge about matresence and everything it entails. I want to be the supporting pilar for new families, and accompany them through these hectic yet completely magical moments with their new baby.


Quiero ser Doula - 190 Hours.
Parto Consciente - Formación Hipnoparto.
Parto Consciente - Especialización acompañar en el puerperio.
Edulacta - Asesora de lactancia.

You are very sweet, you have a "something" that makes people trust you. Seeing you with your daughter and hearing you talk about motherhood, has made me rethink the idea of becoming a mother.


You are very close, loving and spontaneous.


What I appreciate most about you is your empathy, your ability to listen, understand and support.


You know how to listen, when I need it.


You have a warm look towards the world, you give off tenderness and tranquility.


Lisa is a very open and empathetic person. He knows how to listen sincerely and gives unconditional support.


One of the virtues that I value most about Lisa is her absolute sincerity and the unconditional love that she transmits.