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I am so thrilled to have finally found dates that I actually like. Sukkari dates are sweet and crunchy. The problem for me with regular or Medjool dates is the texture. That is why I invented many recipes to hide them in, like raw power balls or peanut-filled and chocolate covered. Dates are so healthy during pregnancy and I will explain exactly why here below.

First of all, nutritionally they are a great source of fiber, and many vitamins and minerals. Some are vitamin K, potassium, Magnesium, and Iron. So overall, they are a great and healthy snack. Date fruit also influences estrogen and progesterone hormones, which are effective in preparing the uterus and cervical ripening. They also contain Tannins and antioxidants which fight infection and are anti-hemorrhagic.

But there is more. Scientific studies have proven positive birthing outcomes for women who consumed 4-6 dates a day in the last few weeks before labor. These were the results:

  • The women who consumed date fruit had significantly higher cervical dilatation upon admission compared with the non-date fruit consumers- 3.5 cm vs 2cm.
  • The date eaters had a significantly higher proportion of intact membranes upon admission (83% vs 60%).
  • Spontaneous labor occurred in 96% of those who consumed dates, compared with 79% of women in the non-date fruit consumers.
  • The first stage of labor was shorter in women who consumed date fruit compared with the non-date fruit consumers- 8.5 hours vs 15 hours.”

Some studies also show that date consumption might prevent vaginal tearing. Although I always like to remind that some tearing is normal in 90% of women and heals by itself. The best way to prevent tearing is to breathe through contractions and to NOT PUSH. You’ve heard that right. We do not need to push forcefully. This only causes unnecessary pressure on the pelvic floor, causing the muscles to stretch before they are ready which usually results in tearing. Forced pushes also cause breathing apneas, producing a lack of oxygen for the baby and maybe even provoking fetal distress. The fetal ejection reflex will slowly but surely help with pushing out the baby. You only need to stay as calm as possible and breathe. Hypnobirthing is a powerful tool for this!

“Dates consumption in late pregnancy is a safe supplement to be considered as it reduced the need for labor intervention without any adverse effect on the mother and child. This further supports the finding of earlier studies.” – (

If possible, organic dates are the better option, as dates are usually sprayed with nasty pesticides. As I said, my favorites are Sukkari dates, as they have a completely different texture than conventional or Medjool dates, with the same health benefits.

FYI: I do not think a woman needs anything specific to have a successful labor and birth experience. Our body is made for it. We were able to carry and grow our babies for 40+ weeks, so why doubt our capability to birth them?

I am however a big believer in informed decisions, though this is usually not the case. To have a successful or positive birth, please read as much as possible. Learn about how amazing your body works for you and together with your baby. Don’t let birth just happen to you, being a mere spectator instead of protagonist, and letting other people make decisions for you. With or without Interventions, taking control over your birth is the most empowering experience any woman can have. So, get informed, eat some dates, and enjoy the ride. You will only birth this baby once, let it be memorable and beautiful.


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