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Ibiza – Puig d’en Valls – Jesus – San Jordi – San Rafael

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San Jose – San Antonio – Santa Eularia – Santa Gertrudis

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San Juan – San Miguel – San Carlos – San Lorenzo – Santa Agnes – Es Cubells

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Although many believe that it is a method to relieve the stress of childbirth, in truth it is much more. As Marie Mongan, the creator of Hypnobirthing, says, this is an ideology. A tool for the mother to feel prepared, informed, calm, and empowered to arrive at her delivery and the birth of her baby with feelings of love and tranquility. It completely replaces the false beliefs about the birth process and the fears created by society.

My intention with this course is to give the mom confidence in herself and in her body. Mothers have incredible inner power, and an innate and mammalian instinct when it comes to gestating, giving birth, and raising. This is exactly what I want to promote with my hypnobirthing course. You can find all the information about hypnobirthing on my blog.

It is addressed to any pregnant person and their respective partners. The complete course consists of 4 sessions of between 1.5 to 2.5 hours, but it is completely adaptable to each couple and their needs. You can never start too soon, but it is recommended to start around week 34 to be able to carry out all the sessions.

I also offer an intensive 3-hour session, going over all the topics that we normally give in 4 sessions. On the other hand, I offer a specific session for the preparation of a cesarean section. For now, the sessions are face-to-face, in Ibiza. Later I will try to adapt it to digital format. I can come to any part of the island if it can be in a space where the couple feels comfortable. Each zone of the island has an additional price applicable. You will receive the 4 relaxations that we practice in the sessions in mp3, and some scripts so that you can practice them at home.