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The first week of May in Spain we celebrate Mother’s Day, and to honor it I wrote a little poem. For you, for me, and for every mama out there. Know that you are seen and heard, and you are capable of incredible things.


Mother’s Day poem


Mama, I see you, and I love you more than you can know.

I see you picking up your baby every time they cry.

Taking them into your arms, with the days flying by.


I see you during the day,

Trying to do everything right.

I see you in the middle of the night.

Feeding, holding, kissing, crying, singing,

All in the dark with no light.


Know that you are seen, and not forgotten.

You have lived the biggest transformation

That anyone can ever imagine.

And you may be misunderstood.


Know that these days go by quickly

And you will yearn for them more than you know.

Your small baby will soon say goodbye, give you a kiss,

And you will miss them so.


Without knowing it yet,

You are living the best days

Though they sometimes might don’t feel like it.

You will never feel so much love again.


So right now, hold your baby in your arms.

Give yourself the time

To just be present with your child

The rest can wait.


Today is your day mama.

You are your baby’s home.

You are the reason for their existence.

Take a moment to acknowledge this.


You are their world and their universe.

You are mother earth.

You are the portal of love and life.

And to your baby? You are everything.


Lisa Doula


Photo by Bertille Pics.

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