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Hello, I am Lisa.

I am a certified full-spectrum Doula, specialized in antepartum & Postpartum, and currently studying to become a hypnobirthing therapist and lactation consultant. I was raised and still currently live on the beautiful island of Ibiza. My road as a doula starts along with my motherhood. Let me further explain.

I got pregnant with our beautiful daughter in December 2019, a couple of months before the pandemic hit. I was diagnosed with Chorionic hematoma and was sent to bed rest for the first trimester. Two weeks out of bed rest, we were sent to quarantine for almost 3 months. The third trimester I spent mostly inside, as it was a super-hot summer, and we still complied with social distancing. You can imagine it was a very lonely pregnancy, with little to no guidance whatsoever. At 41 weeks, the doctors at the hospital recommended me to get an induction. I went into labor knowing almost nothing about actual childbirth, just supposing it will naturally be ok. Little did I know… The induction quickly escalated into a cascade of interventions. From synthetic oxytocin to artificially breaking my waters, and in agony begging for an epidural, which only worked on one side of my body for most of the time. It was completely awful. Yet thankfully, after a painful delivery, I started skin to skin immediately with my little girl. The labor for me was pretty traumatic, yet I normalized most of it, blaming myself and my body for not working properly. This caused me post-partum anxiety and difficulty with breastfeeding. Honestly, the first few months were rough to say the least.

At one point, I just had enough. I contacted a lactation specialist, started seeing a perinatal psychologist and began investigating about motherhood and everything it entails. This is when I found out about the figure of the Doula. I imminently fell in love with the job description, which is basically accompanying women through this magical time, guiding them, and giving them all the right information to make them feel safe and empowered for their motherhood journey.

I met my current partner a couple of years ago, when I was still working at a job which I liked, yet it wasn’t fulfilling. I always felt a calling to help people but didn’t know how to make that my day-to-day job. He was actually the one who encouraged me to find out about doula training and helped me research all the different options. I got my certification through an intensive course of “Quiero ser doula” created by the super experienced Doula Florencia Sabio, throughout which we inherently touched all the important topics concerning matrescence. Of course, I still have a lot to learn, and that is exactly what I want. To keep on learning through experience, by personally getting involved with every new family and listening to their story, their needs, and desires.

Now, one year postpartum, I am celebrating my daughter’s birthday and the birth of this new path. The path of accompanying, supporting, and empowering women & families.

It is my pleasure to accompany you as your Doula.

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